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About Ipek Kiramer

Hailing from the distinguished echelons of Turkey's aristocracy, İpek Kıramer has carved a niche for herself as a luminous beacon in the realm of fashion design. Her illustrious journey in the fashion industry is marked by her role as a pioneering trendsetter within the Turkish fashion landscape.

Embarking on a sartorial voyage with the launch of her inaugural boutique in 1979, İpek Kıramer turned her visionary designs into reality, designs that she had dreamt of for years. By the mid-1980s, her name was synonymous with innovation and elegance in the lingerie sector, solidifying her status as a venerated figure in the fashion domain.

İpek Kıramer's influence extended beyond design; she was instrumental in reshaping the cultural narratives surrounding nightwear in Turkey, elevating both ready-to-wear and haute couture to unprecedented levels of acceptance and appreciation. Her creative genius has given birth to over 9,000 designs for men and women, each piece a testament to her passion for art's diversity and life's richness.

The materials she selects—premier silk, satin silk, and Egyptian cotton—speak of luxury and refinement, sourced from the finest locales of France, Spain, and Italy. Her handcrafted creations epitomize simplicity and sophistication, earning acclaim on a global stage.

2018 saw the advent of İpek Kıramer's "In & Out" collection, a revolutionary line designed for the modern woman who embodies confidence, independence, and grace. This collection, seamlessly blending indoor luxury with outdoor chic, is crafted for those who seek to make a statement in every aspect of their lives. It is underpinned by the brand's ethos: "I came in for a new gown, I left as a new woman," encapsulating the transformative power of İpek Kıramer's designs.